Erica Garman VP of Marketing

Erica Garman, VP of marketing at Intero Digital, is an experienced marketing strategist with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. Erica has a passion for helping brands build meaningful connections with their audiences. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends, she specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns that leverage both traditional and digital channels for maximum impact.

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Editorial Guidelines Checklist


Editorial Guidelines Checklist

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Your checklist for streamlining and enhancing your blog guest contributor program. 

Intero Digital’s checklist will help you collect high-quality, on-brand content from guest contributors to enhance your blog and add outside perspectives to your content coverage. 

Key Takeaways

This checklist will outline key steps you should take to create effective editorial guidelines, including: 

  • Introducing yourself. 
  • Outlining the subjects you’d like covered in guest content. 
  • Explaining the types of content you’re looking for. 
  • Providing specific guidelines each piece must meet. 
  • And more!  

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