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Intero Digital uses industry-leading technology and wide-ranging expertise to generate digital marketing results. Our Salt Lake City PPC agency offers help with content creation, social media advertising, and so much more. Reach out to our Salt Lake City PPC agency today to learn more.

Salt Lake City, Utah, is a haven for those who love outdoor adventure and beautiful views. This means tourism is a robust industry for Salt Lake City, along with many other exciting and growing industries, including agriculture, construction, and oil and gas.

If you run a business in Salt Lake City, you might wonder how digital marketing can help your brand get results. Intero Digital is a full-service digital marketing company that offers a range of marketing services. We use professional industry tools and proprietary technology to transform your website and achieve tangible growth.

If your company is interested in using search engine marketing to your advantage, now is the time to reach out to Intero Digital. We’ll provide you with a free report from InteroBOT®, our proprietary software, and develop a digital marketing plan that will serve your unique company.

Salt Lake City SEM Services We Provide

Our Salt Lake City SEM company has the experience and expertise to get results that impact the bottom line. With over two decades of experience implementing successful digital marketing strategies, we have the tools to address many different challenges. Our Salt Lake City SEM services are wide-ranging, so no matter what marketing solutions your brand needs, we can help.

Here are just some of the digital marketing services Intero Digital provides:

  • Google and Bing advertising
  • Digital display advertising
  • Local service ads
  • Google remarketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media remarketing
  • Web design and development
  • Website optimization

Results That Speak for Themselves

Our digital marketing services are comprehensive, and they get results. With time-tested approaches and industry-leading technology, we can help any company stand out and be remembered. Some of our most exciting results include the following:

Want to see these kinds of results for your own company? Contact us today to get started.

Why Intero Digital?

Intero Digital has the expertise and passion to make your business goals a reality. With extensive experience and a proven track record of successful digital marketing campaigns, we can help your business harness the power of digital marketing to achieve your goals. We’re passionate about staying up-to-date with digital marketing trends so we can offer our clients the most competitive strategies.

Here’s what makes us stand out:

  • Over 20 years of successful digital marketing strategies
  • Skilled at getting results on both Google and Amazon
  • Expertise in more than 15 industry-leading digital marketing tactics
  • HubSpot certifications
  • Internal certifications
  • Google Analytics certifications

Our team is what really sets Intero Digital apart from other agencies. We’re proud of our dedicated team members who know how to address digital marketing challenges and find creative solutions.

It’s no small feat to find a digital marketing team to achieve your business goals. But know that at Intero Digital, we have the experience and industry connections to make a difference. Reach out to us to get started.

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Digital Marketing Services

Our Salt Lake City PPC experts prioritize keyword research, conversion rate optimization, bidding strategies, and compelling ad copy to optimize your ad performance. This helps your business stay competitive, reduces cost-per-lead, and attracts high-quality leads. Our comprehensive digital marketing services include:

Google and Bing advertising

We can create pay-per-click campaigns that leverage the reach of powerhouse sites like Google and Bing. Our Salt Lake City PPC agency will help you generate high conversion rates with advertising that has a big impact.

Digital display advertising

Leverage our Salt Lake City PPC management services for digital display advertising that captures your audience’s attention. With custom-made, personalized graphics and videos, we can post your ads on third-party websites and generate awareness of your brand and clicks to your website.

Google remarketing

Remarket to users that have been to your website within a certain period of time and increase awareness and engagement across the web. Show highly targeted ads to users who are already interested in your brand.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is no longer optional — it’s a priority for driving website traffic and getting clicks. Our Salt Lake City search engine marketing experts will build an exciting social media campaign to get you noticed.

Local SEO

Our experts can help you promote to local audiences. We can harness information from mobile search and Google Maps to make sure you’re standing out in local search results.

National SEO

National markets are competitive, but our Salt Lake City search engine marketing experts will help you stand out with keyword optimization and other national SEO strategies.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is critical when it comes to getting your product noticed on the web. We can develop a plan using optimal keywords to get higher views and greater engagement with your products.

Technical SEO

Our Salt Lake City PPC agency can identify potential technical weaknesses in your digital profile with the goal of making your business easier to find and engage with online.

Keyword research and optimization

Let our Salt Lake City PPC agency create a keyword strategy for your company that helps you stand out in search results.

Amazon SEO

Amazon digital marketing is a surefire way to reach new audiences and grow your numbers. That’s why our Salt Lake City PPC team will focus on a dynamic brand strategy that targets Amazon shoppers.

Link acquisition

Our Salt Lake City PPC agency will create a strategic backlink plan to generate new leads and improve your rankings.

Video search optimization

Your videos should stand out in search results on sites like YouTube. We can help you develop and execute on a video search optimization strategy to get you there.

Brand messaging and positioning

Tell your story in a way that shows what your company is all about. Our team will use market research to create impactful brand messaging that appeals to a wide audience.

Content writing

Our agency can create the interesting, relevant content that your brand needs, including guest posts, blog posts, email campaigns, whitepapers, and more.

Video creation and editing

Video creation and editing should work together to produce a dynamic story — the story of your brand. We can help you develop a plan to connect with your audience through high-quality videos.

Guest Posting

Don’t overlook the importance of guest posting to appeal to new markets. We can target publications and pitch stories that showcase your business in front of new clientele.

Digital PR

We can create a digital PR plan that showcases your brand’s unique story while appealing to a wide audience.

Influencer Marketing

In the age of influencer marketing, it’s worthwhile to identify reliable individuals who align with your brand goals. We can pitch sponsored posts, reviews, and more to promote your brand to their followers.

Website optimization

Our experts will identify ways to optimize your website and give you a plan to implement optimization tactics to your benefit.


Our agency is experienced in e-commerce integration plans. We can build e-commerce functionality into your existing site or on an e-commerce platform, such as Amazon.


Our digital marketing experts know the best design practices to create intuitive and seamless interfaces. We can provide UI and UX optimization to ensure your customers are engaging with your site easily.

Web design and development

Your brand needs a website that makes a strong first impression. Our Salt Lake City PPC agency can incorporate eye-catching and intuitive web design elements to appeal to a wide audience.

CMS migration

Our digital marketing experts can help you migrate your existing content to a new content management system that meets your needs.

Responsive design

If your site needs an upgrade when it comes to responsive design, our team knows how to create an equitable experience on all devices.

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“We are so fortunate to be working with such a reliable group of innovative thinkers.”

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Josh Moser

"I appreciate their real desire to understand our business and their eagerness to work with us toward our success.”

Customer Relationship and Marketing Manager, Tony Downs

"They are proactive in thinking of new ways to increase the metrics.”

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“Imagine, Then Do”…With Intero Digital!

Let’s work together to accelerate your Salt Lake City business’s growth.


3 Reasons to Choose Intero Digital

Intero Digital is a Salt Lake City PPC agency that can help you see industry-leading results from search engine marketing strategies. Here’s how we can help:

Full-Funnel Solution

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that can help companies, big and small, with their digital marketing needs. As a result, our clients have an advantage over competitors that generates more aligned marketing efforts and, therefore, stronger results.

Advanced Tech

Intero Digital’s proprietary technology allows us to provide clients with insights that help them beat out the competition.

Extended Team

Our talented team is chock-full of seasoned pros who are dedicated to serving as an extension of your company’s marketing team so we can deliver truly strategic digital marketing services that help your business reach or exceed its goals.

Some Say Agency.
We Say Team.

Intero Digital’s team of industry leaders takes a collaborative approach in order to provide clients with the best digital marketing services in the industry.

We absolutely love working together as a team to exceed your expectations.

What makes our Salt Lake City PPC Agency different?

Our competitive advantage stems from the formidable support of our technology, propelling us forward, while our relentless pursuit of growth fuels our momentum, all buoyed by the exceptional strength and dedication of our remarkable team.

Proprietary technology

As a digital marketing company that strives to stay current, we’re dedicated to using leading industry tools. Our proprietary technology helps us deliver high-quality digital marketing strategies to clients, and our integration of Amazon’s API helps us show clients the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence.

Amplified results

We rely on data-driven strategies and innovative solutions to build client growth. We believe that time-tested approaches that guarantee results are the best ways to stand out from the competition. We also aren’t driven by superficial metrics but by constant evolution and bottom-line impact.

A single digital marketing solution

As a full-service Salt Lake City PPC agency, we offer a streamlined digital marketing process for our clients. We rely on a consolidated approach, with 15+ digital marketing techniques within a single agency.

Unrivaled expertise

We know how important expertise is when it comes to creating an effective digital marketing campaign. We have over 20 years of industry experience — but we never settle for what we already know. Being the best means being open to (and excited about) learning new things. To that end, we’re constantly learning new strategies to stay ahead of the trends.

Exclusive relationships

Our Salt Lake City PPC agency has exclusive connections with industry leaders like Google, Amazon, Meta, LinkedIn, and HubSpot. We also have an exclusive network of more than 1,000 publications. These relationships give Intero Digital a holistic view of the digital landscape and help us assist our clients and achieve their most ambitious goals.

Client-first mentality

Successful digital marketing should be based around a client-first mentality, meaning a focus on unique solutions and tangible results. We’re committed to a tailored strategy for each client rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Where You Can Find Us

We have offices from coast-to-coast and a global customer reach. Here is where you can find us in the Salt Lake City area:

1353 N 1075 W
Farmington, UT 84025

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