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geologist with drone checks the territory

Clark Land Services

Case Study

Clark Land Services

Transforming Online Presence and Driving Business Growth for Clark Land Services: A Decade of SEO Success

geologist with drone checks the territory
Clark Land Services, Inc. logo

Brand Overview

Our client, a Colorado-based survey data company, approached us with a clear objective: to expand its business and establish a strong online presence. Clark Land Services wanted to be easily discoverable when potential clients searched for services, and the company aimed to project itself as a prominent player in the industry.



Web Design & Development





business growth

Actions Taken

Our team immediately got to work and found several opportunities to help Clark Land Services work toward its goals.

  • Optimized the Clark Land Services website for search
  • Revamped the website design to create a modern and professional online presence that reflects the company’s expertise and credibility
  • Created a back-end portal for Clark Land Services clients to provide a user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient client experience


Over the course of our decade-long partnership, Clark Land Services experienced extraordinary growth and established itself as a trusted industry leader.

  • 20-fold business growth over the past 10 years
  • Increase in inbound traffic to the website
  • Better visibility in search results
  • Strengthened position as a trusted leader in the industry

What does this mean for our happy client?

This case study highlights the enduring success of our partnership with Clark Land Services, showcasing how strategic SEO and website optimization can lead to substantial business expansion in the B2B sector.

"We've worked with Intero Digital for marketing and SEO services since 2013. During the ensuing 10 years, our revenue has grown from $1MM annually to $20MM. The team at Intero Digital has played an integral role in this growth. We presented the team with a highly unusual, out-of-the- box SEO plan that we needed. They not only listened and embraced our unique position, but they also took it further and made our web marketing plan better than we could have imagined. Intero Digital has become an invaluable partner to Clark Land Services and our growth."

Russ Clark, Principal, Clark Land Services

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