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celebrating content marketing and PR wins

Our Top Client Content Marketing and PR Wins of 2023

Our Top Client Content Marketing and PR Wins of 2023

Kelsey Raymond, COO • Intero Digital • January 11, 2024

celebrating content marketing and PR wins

Here at Intero Digital, we love helping our clients achieve milestones that help them work toward their ultimate digital marketing goals. It’s what drives us and what motivates us to bring our best every single day. 

Two strategies that are instrumental in helping our clients achieve greatness are content marketing and digital PR. These tactics help businesses build brand awareness, achieve thought leadership, generate leads, streamline the sales process, boost SEO, and ultimately drive more business. 

Wondering what a content marketing and PR win might look like? 

Check out these exciting content marketing and PR wins we helped our clients achieve in 2023:

Guest Post in Quartz: "The 4 mindsets you want on any work team" by Andrew Atkins, BTS

BTS garnered four links from this Quartz article — two to on-site content and two to off-site content.

Guest Post in Harvard Business Review: "How to Encourage Your Team to Open Up to You" by Kelly Knight, EOS Worldwide

EOS Worldwide published an article in Harvard Business Review, and the article has racked up more than 2,300 social shares — and counting!

Guest Post in Entrepreneur: "4 Ways to Bring Your Team Back From the Brink of Innovation Extinction" by Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle published an article in Entrepreneur, and the article included two links to other pieces of Duncan Wardle’s content.

Press Mention in PitchBook: "Generative AI startups jockey for VC dollars" featuring Ascend Venture Capital and Fusion Fund

Fusion Fund and Ascend VC were both mentioned in this article in PitchBook — with a link back to their homepages! This article also ranks for seven page-one keywords in search results.

Press Release on PR Newswire: "Critical Lack of Substance Use Support For 72 Million U.S. Workers Revealed in New Pelago Research" featuring Yusuf Sherwani, Pelago
Guest Post in Quartz: "How to support employees with addictions" by Suzette Glasner, Pelago

Quit Genius launched its rebrand to Pelago with a big report release, which eventually led to a guest post being published in Quartz that referenced the report.

Guest Post in Adweek: "The New 'Mobile' Marketing Means Taking Your Brand on Tour" by Ralph Failla, Inspira Marketing Group

Inspira secured a guest post in Adweek that included a backlink to one of Inspira’s case studies showcasing the company’s expertise.

Press Mention in Inc.: "How Leaders Can Better Support Their People Managers Through Workplace Challenges" featuring Gloria St. Martin-Lowry, HPWP Group

Gloria St. Martin-Lowry, president of HPWP Group, was quoted in this Inc. article, which allowed her to build thought leadership for herself and HPWP — all while driving the industry forward.

Press Mention in HR Brew: "Feeling the economic pinch, younger workers take second jobs" featuring Sara Jensen, Innovative Employee Solutions (IES)

Sara Jensen, SVP of growth and strategy at Innovative Employee Solutions (IES), was quoted in an article in HR Brew, allowing her to build thought leadership for IES and keep companies informed on the latest developments and considerations in the workforce solutions field.

Guest Post in Advertising Week: "Could Your Agency Be at the Forefront of the Future of Work?" by Erica Walker, RAPP

RAPP published a guest post in Advertising Week on the future of work for agencies, further building the company’s profile as an industry thought leader.

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