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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249
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Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data

Brand Overview

Arcadia Data is a business intelligence platform that leverages real-world data to power digital healthcare solutions.


After speaking with several other vendors in the industry and getting recommendations from their network in Silicon Valley, Arcadia Data decided to partner with Intero to amplify their message and gain more visibility for their site.


Arcadia Data had a sizeable site with great content and resources, but did not have a lot of exposure online. We conducted a full audit of their website, addressed technical issues and prioritized the pages where we could make the most impact.


Within the first six months, there was a 510% increase in first page rankings. To date, that increase is now 2122%. Arcadia Data also saw a 23x improvement upon their initial internal goal.



increase in first page rankings in the 1st six months


return on internal goals

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