Erica Garman VP of Marketing

Erica Garman, VP of marketing at Intero Digital, is an experienced marketing strategist with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. Erica has a passion for helping brands build meaningful connections with their audiences. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends, she specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns that leverage both traditional and digital channels for maximum impact.

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Article Pitch Template

Article Pitch Template


Article Pitch Template

Article Pitch Template Download

Capture editors’ attention. Get published. 

Publication editors’ inboxes are flooded with dozens — sometimes even hundreds — of article pitches every single day. Chances are that if they don’t recognize your name or aren’t stopped in their tracks by your subject line, they won’t open the email at all. And even if they do open it, if your pitch doesn’t shine above the rest, your guest post isn’t going to be published.

So we crafted an article pitch template to help you break through editors’ overwhelmed inboxes and get your unique insights published in front of your target audience. 

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