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Software AG

Software AG

Brand Overview

Software AG is a technology company focused on connecting applications on the ground and in the cloud, enabling businesses, governments and humanity to see opportunities, make decisions and act immediately.


Software AG wanted continuous growth and a steadfast digital marketing partnership that could help them thrive in the digital space.


Intero Digital helped Software AG through site launches, tracking implementations and economic downturns. The Intero team uses advanced SEO and paid media strategies to continuously help Software AG capture more online market share and leads.

“Since the beginning, Intero Digital has been a reliable partner.”
Director of Global Digital Marketing
Software AG


Software AG saw a 1358% increase in first page rankings and now has more than 8,000 rankings on the first page. YOY, paid media conversions increased by 640% while CPA was simultaneously reduced by more than 50%. The reduction in CPA alone resulted in a savings of at least $126,000.



increase in 1st page rankings


increase in paid media conversions