Erica Garman VP of Marketing

Erica Garman, VP of marketing at Intero Digital, is an experienced marketing strategist with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. Erica has a passion for helping brands build meaningful connections with their audiences. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends, she specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns that leverage both traditional and digital channels for maximum impact.

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How To Do Competitive Research for a Local SEO Campaign


How To Do Competitive Research for a Local SEO Campaign

Do you want to outshine the competition and dominate local search? Let us help!

This free checklist will walk you through the essential components of the local SEO landscape you need to analyze so you can craft a winning strategy that propels your business to the top of search results.

Intero Digital - How to Conduct Competitive Research for a Local SEO Campaign - Get Your Checklist

This checklist will outline everything you need to review to perform solid competitive research, including:

  • Local competitors.
  • Keywords.
  • Backlinks.
  • Local rankings.
  • And more…