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100% Adoption rate across accounts


Brand Overview

In this unique case study, Intero Digital is in the spotlight in a Google-published case study for their new AI technology, auto-applied recommendations.

Intero Digital tested and adopted Google’s auto-applied recommendations, seeing improvements in efficiency and better lower-funnel performance for client accounts.

In addition, Intero Digital’s optimization score is nearly 100% at all times and Google has even mentioned their agency teams globally are referring to Intero Digital as ‘the thought leader in the SEM industry.



Adoption rate across accounts


Optimzation score for auto-applied accounts


To leverage AI technology to automate low-level tasks, identify opportunities, and improve overall client performance.


AI has always been something our agency has been very excited about. We have tested many different AI solutions for all facets of our businesses, but are very cautious when it comes to client performance. We have tested AI solutions for paid media accounts in the past, and while it was something we knew would be powerful in the future, the technology just wasn’t where it needed to be – until we were approached by Google about auto-applied recommendations. Our team tested Google auto-applied recommendations for months on select accounts and now has fully adopted the technology.


What we found was astounding. There was a significant reduction in our teams’ hours spent on low-level optimizations. After tracking, we found we were saving up to 2-3 hours per person, per week! Our team could then reinvest that time into high-level strategy, problem-solving, and more client interaction. As a combined effect, we saw boosts in paid media performance for client accounts with Google Auto-Applied Recommendations.

“I'm impressed that they are never happy with the status quo ... they’ve continued to push us higher and higher.”

Dir. of Digital Mktg. & eCommerce, Sporting Goods Brand

“They are knowledgeable and fast. Intero was a key partner in our success.”

CEO, Apparel Brand

“Intero has an impressive team of dedicated and talented people which makes them unique and a pleasure to work with.”

CMO, eCommerce Business

“They know what they are doing and do it well.”

President & CEO, IT Services Firm

“From the beginning, Intero has stepped in and been a true partner.”

Sr. Marketing Manager, SaaS Company

They make the process easy and act as an additional resource to my team.

Director Digital Strategy, Golf Brand

They truly acted as an extension of our team, and that in itself was very impressive to us.

VP Growth, Skincare Brand

“The results we’ve achieved have blown us away.”

VP, Landscape Design Company

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