Revolutinizing Reach Webinar

[Webinar] Revolutionizing Reach: The Digital Marketing Landscape You Can’t Ignore


Revolutionizing Reach: The Digital Marketing Landscape You Can’t Ignore

Join us for our webinar, “Revolutionizing Reach: The Digital Marketing Landscape You Can’t Ignore,” on April 11, 2024, at 12 p.m. MDT.

As technology continues to revolutionize our world, there are a multitude of changes that will impact your digital marketing strategy now and in the future. 

At Intero Digital, we have decades of experience coming alongside businesses to build robust digital marketing strategies, and we’d love to share some of the insights we’ve gathered over the years to help you get a grasp on the state of several digital marketing channels so you can make informed decisions about your digital marketing strategy and exceed your goals in 2024.

Revolutionizing Reach: The 2024 Digital Marketing Landscape You Can't Ignore

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of the digital marketing landscape in 2024 
  • An update on businesses’ digital marketing priorities in 2024 
  • How you can leverage a few key digital marketing channels to strengthen your strategy
  • BONUS: Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of our latest report on the state of the digital marketing industry in 2024. 

Meet Your Hosts

Simon Golding headshot

Simon Golding
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Intero Digital

With over 10 years of experience in business intelligence, marketing strategy, and digital marketing, Simon’s depth of digital marketing understanding is well matched by the breadth of contexts in which he can actualize his wisdom. From multinational corporates to sole traders, from neuromarketing to print marketing, and everything in between, Simon’s colorful marketing journey has given him the skills to help every kind and size of business. When he’s not translating marketing jargon into plain English, you’ll likely find him contemplating and philosophizing over a bottle of wine, reading non-fiction, listening to intellectual debates, or playing games on his latest PC build.

Jessica Ward
Manager of Partner Enablement

Jessica brings to the table a wealth of experience in sales, management, and marketing. Her expertise lies in building strong relationships and fostering a deep understanding of digital marketing. She is particularly adept at engaging clients and teams and ensuring alignment and success across projects. Outside of work, Jessica indulges in creative storytelling through photography and video alongside her husband, Curtis. She’s also an avid fan of “The Office,” enjoys yoga and disc golf, and immerses herself in various outdoor activities, usually alongside her dog, Truman.

Jess Ward